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Xbox 360: Microsoft Points to be phased out in 2012


If the newest rumors are true, then Microsoft has plans to phase out the dreaded Microsoft Points system by the end of 2012.  Say goodbye to those annoying Microsoft Points currency conversions.

According to a source "with knowledge of the company's decision", Microsoft is doing away with the proprietary virtual currency system and replacing it with the purchaser's local region's set currency.

Originally reported by Inside Mobile Apps, the change will affect developers for Windows Phone, the Zune Marketplace, and Xbox LIVE on Xbox 360.  Mobile developers with publishing agreements with Microsoft have apparently been warned to plan accordingly.  Customers with Microsoft Point balances will have the remaining points converted into their local currency.  Right now, 80 MP is equivalent to $1.

Of course, being a rumor, Microsoft has declined to provide further information.  According to the site, a Microsoft spokesperson responded with the typical "we do not comment on rumors or speculation."

As usual, I remind you that this is just a rumor - from a site I'm not too familiar with.  Nevertheless, it could be true.  Microsoft has gradually been introducing cash purchases to Xbox LIVE on the Xbox 360 - the most popular platform for Microsoft Points.

From a personal standpoint, I would love to see Microsoft do away with the Microsoft Points virtual currency system.  The conversion system is not only confusing to many consumers, but forces them to purchase more MP than they may need.  Rather then making the purchase for the specific price, the smallest amount of Points a consumer can purchase at one time is 400, or $5.

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