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Xbox 360 lifetime sales hit 67 million


Microsoft has sold 67 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide since the console launched in 2005.  It has generated more than $56 billion at retail, according to Microsoft.

"We're still going strong in our seventh year," Microsoft's chief Xbox marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi said.

In addition to the impressive sales numbers, Mehdi revealed that the Xbox 360 currently has 47% share of the current-generation console market.

"we are hitting our stride largely as a result of the success of Kinect for Xbox 360 (19 million sold ) and the flood of new entertainment options through Xbox LIVE (40 million members)," Mehdi added.

Even more impressive, sales for the Xbox 360 in year seven were greater than in year six, which in turn were greater than year five, clearly showing there is still demand for the current Xbox 360 console.

And users seem to be getting the most out of their Xbox.

"Xbox LIVE subscribers now spend an average of 84 hours per month on the console," Mehdi noted. "For comparison, the average American watches a little more than 150 hours of TV in the same period. The more entertainment options we add, the more time people spend on Xbox."

"In the last six months, we’ve grown our entertainment library on Xbox to include more than 60 voice controlled applications and more than 200,000 premium movies and TV shows."

Don't expect Microsoft to slow down either.  The blog post was meant to hype fans for Microsoft's E3 press conference next week where Mehdi promised to unveil all-new Xbox integration on the new Windows 8 device.

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