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Xbox 360 infractions will not carry over to Xbox One Reputation

Xbox One Reputation

All will be forgiven when the Xbox One launches this November. Any past infractions you may have received as an Xbox 360 player will be forgotten, granting you a fresh start on the Xbox One, Microsoft's Marc Whitten revealed.

"We will not carry over any of the 360 reputation scores into the new Xbox One reputation system. The majority of members will start fresh at the “Good” player level," he said. For those unfamiliar, Reputation is a new "community powered system that helps filter out people you don't want to play with."

Designed to work in unison with the Xbox One's Smart Match technology, Reputation should help you avoid playing with "cheats and jerks." The idea is that players with good reputation will all be matched together, while those with negative reputation are left to play with in a giant cesspool of bad-mouthed, racist, ignorant trolls.

Whitten did note that Microsoft has worked with the Xbox LIVE enforcement team to identify a "small subset of members" that have recently had actions taken against them and "set those members reputation to an initial 'Needs Works' level."

"This will give those members a chance to prove they can participate on Live fairly, and are not automatically placed in the “Avoid Me” classification where things like Smart Match filtering will affect them," Whitten said. Okay, so I guess not all will be forgiven, so I suggest you remain on your best behavior when playing games online.

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