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Xbox 360 Games with Gold for June revealed


Every month, fans anxiously wait for the announcement of what their free games will be for that month, assuming they're subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. And while past picks have been relatively weak, June seems to finally turn it around.

First up is Dark Souls. If you haven't yet played Dark Souls, this is the time to do it. It's easily one of the better games of the last generation. Dark Souls has you traversing the realm of Lordran as a Chosen Undead in hopes of lifting the curse. Of course there are two opposing forces at play and it's up to you to align yourself with one or the other, and decide Lordran's fate. It's tough as nails, and obviously that's the big draw of Dark Souls, but the Lore contained with the game is fantastic, and though it requires a bit of digging for info, it's absolutely worth it.

Next is Charlie Murder, a game I admittedly never played, and hope to rectify that in June. The premise alone sounds awesome though; you play as one of four members of a punk band, on a revenge mission to save Charlie Murder's (who is the lead singer) girlfriend, Skelekitten.

And as a special bonus, Xbox 360 gamers get a third game for free, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, which comes with numerous gameplay balances and new characters, Yun and Yang as well as Evil Ryu and Oni right out of the box.

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