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Xbox 360 factory workers threaten suicide over compensation


Chinese manufacturing corporation Foxconn is perhaps best remembered for their pro-active stance in prevented work related suicides, helpfully stringing up safety nets to catch distressed employees. Some might counter that perhaps better pay or more reasonable working hours might help the situation, but hell, these iPhones aren't going to assemble themselves!

Anyhow, it seems that the employees of one Foxconn plant (known for manufactuing Xbox 360s) had requested a pay raise. The raise was denied, giving them two options, either continue working for substandard pay, or collect their compensation package and leave. Many chose the latter, problem is, those supposed compensation packages didn't actually exist. What's a Chinese laborer to do? 

Pull the suicide card.

Though we're not sure whether these employees actually planned to commit mass suicide, you've gotta admit it's a hell of a PR gambit, especially when your corporate parent has faced regular criticism for driving workers to the point of taking their own lives. 300 employees made for the roof of the Foxconn factory with their threat, eventually needing to be talked down by the city's mayor. No word on whether they'll be getting those benefits, but we think they've more than earned them.

A good reminder that our meaningless video entertainment comes at the cost of human dignity. Now, back to Halo.

[Source: Want China Times]

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