Xbox 360 dashboard update rolling out to remainder of Xbox LIVE members

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If you haven't yet received the new Xbox 360 dashboard update, which began rolling out last week, you should get it sometime today. Microsoft's Major Nelson confirmed today plans to complete "rolling out the Xbox 360 dashboard update to the remainder of our Xbox LIVE Members".

For those who haven't yet received the update, it features a redesigned Xbox 360 dashboard with an updated layout that allows for more titles, a combined TV & Movies channel, and a Sports destination for those in the US. It also includes Internet Explorer for Xbox allowing you to browse the internet from your console, Xbox Video (formerly called Zune Video Marketplace), Pinning, and many more features to make your Xbox 360 system into a full-blown entertainment device.

This week also marks the release of the highly anticipated Windows 8 and Xbox SmartGlass which will both be available on October 26. In an effort to make Windows the best all-around entertainment feature, Microsoft will be combining Xbox with their new Operating System bringing consumers Xbox Games, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video.

When the Xbox SmartGlass releases, and the app launches on tablets, PCs, and smartphones, it will include "key foundational experiences for interacting with your Xbox 360", such as dashboard and app navigation and Internet Explorer Control.

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