Xbox 360 Cyber Fraud

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Hackers are at it again, except this time Sony Playstation 3 owners need not fret.  This time, the target was Xbox 360 users.  In the UK, thousands of Xbox Live accounts were hacked with the average loss to gamers at around £100 with some getting hit for more than £200.  There were two methods in which the online crooks went about their hacking.  One was a phishing con, where the hackers sent emails to Xbox Live users directing them to bogus sites where they can win free Microsoft points.  Obviously, you would have to enter personal details, allowing the hackers to get hold of your account and credit card information. 

Another method of getting information was pretending to be friendly with someone over Xbox Live, asking personal questions (like age, high school, birthday), and then guessing their account password. 

Microsoft is looking into these cyber thefts and are working to protect Xbox Live users from further attacks.




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