Xbox 360 Cloud Service in Development

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While Apple has been frantically pushing their "Cloud" storage service, used primarily to store data across several different devices, consoles have been wary to take a step in that direction, until now. While talking at GDC China, Microsoft's Brian Prince confirmed that a cloud tech service is in development for the Xbox 360. 

Prince stated to GamaSutra, "you'll be seeing things in the Xbox platform that are cloud-specific. I'm already doing it, it's really exciting, but I can't tell you about it or else I'll get fired."

In addition, Price said, "there are some limitations here, but I really do think this is the distant future of gaming in the cloud."

Microsoft didn't further elaborate on the details of these new "cloud-specific" Xbox features, but an OnLive-like service is expected at this point. Microsoft is continuing to roll out new features for the Xbox 360, which could mean that we are even further off from seeing the Xbox 720 than first estimated. 


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