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XBLA Achievement change won't affect PSN Trophies


Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Microsoft will be raising the Achievement limit for Xbox LIVE Arcade games, doubling the total from 200 to 400 Gamerscore.

What started off as a rumor was soon confirmed by Microsoft's Major Nelson who stated that starting June 2012 the new Gamerscore increase will be required in all new XBLA games.

This change, of course, immediately set off questions as to how this would affect Sony with their PlayStation Network titles.

"There are plenty of downloadable games on PSN that currently offer Platinum Trophies," an SCEA spokesman told IGN when asked if Microsoft's new policy would have any effect on Sony's Trophy system.

The Sony spokesman added that Sony has "a standard and consistent system to determine the Trophies available for a particular game. The overall scope of the game determines the Trophies available, not method of distribution."

XBLA games will also be able to include a maximum of 30 Achievements, up from the current 20 limit.  DLC packs are also getting an Achievement change.  The new standard will be 100 Gamerscore (up from 50G) and 8 Achievements (up from 5) per quarter.  The new rules will allow for a total of 800 Gamerscore and 62 Achievements, meaning XBLA developers can add DLC with Achievements packed in for a full year after release.

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