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X-Blades Official Website Launches

March 25, 2008

X-BLADES official WEBSITE Launches

Fast-Paced Anime-Action Title Hacks and Slashes Onto The Interwebs

SouthPeak Games and ZUXXEZ Entertainment today announced that the official website for X-Blades is now live. The hack-and-slash masterpiece with captivating Anime style features an attractive heroine, breathtaking combat scenes and truly fantastic worlds.

X-Blades stars Ayumi, a dynamic young relic hunter in search of a mysterious artifact. Relying solely on her fighting skill, pistol blades, and mystical abilities, Ayumi must battle against armies of creatures and other fortune-seekers determined to stop her from escaping with the relic alive.

“You'll get a first impression of the game from the wide range of materials on the new website - and there's a lot more to come in the next few weeks!” said ZUXXEZ-CEO Alexandra Constandache. “The site will contain backgrounds on all of X-Blades’ major heroes and villains as well as current news on the development stages of the game.”

In addition to the ever-growing encyclopedia of all things X-Blades, another feature planned for the site includes a mini-manga from the world of the heroine Ayumi - with new stories appearing regularly.

X-Blades will be gunning its way to shelves at your local game store in fall of this year. For the latest up-to-date news on X-Blades check out

We’re on the Lookout for "X-Blades" Fan Art!

Anime artists and budding art geniuses… please come forward! We're launching a super competition to test your artistic abilities – it’s to celebrate the launch of the Internet site of the action game "X-Blades". You'll soon find the best works of art by the fans of "X-Blades" heroine Ayumi & Co in the "Fanart" section. I've already included some tiny samples to put you all on the right track.... The address to send your artwork is  The best entries will be published - and we're giving away classy gift packs with games and merchandising materials too! So... get those paintbrushes and pens out of the closet!

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