X-Men arcade game drops in price on XBLA for short time

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Konami has sliced the cost of the X-Men arcade port on XBLA by a dramatic 50% thanks to the comedy writers at, who posted the video "X-Men Disappoint Magneto" today.

The publisher announced the deal on their Twitter mere hours ago: "The @Dorkly guys nailed Magneto's reaction if only one X-Man showing up to fight. X-Men Arcade 50% off til 3/19 on XBLA."

Konami originally developed the game for arcades in 1992, but for the PSN and XBLA releases put out only two years ago, Backbone Entertainment handled development for the HD port of the game. The beat-em-up supports drop-in multiplayer.

X-Men is currently priced at 400 Microsoft points (about $5) on XBLA. The sale ends on March 19.

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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