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WWE 2K15 won't allow mixed gender wrestling


Male versus female matches won't be supported in WWE 2K15, the game's community manager, Jared Rea, confirmed on the official WWE 2K forums. Given that sexism runs rampant in the video game industry, I'm going to go ahead and say that's a good thing. Just imagine the videos we'd get if it were a supported game mode.

Sexism in the video game industry wasn't exactly the reason Rea gave, however. Rather, he explained that the WWE 2K series is a "reflection" of the WWE programming you see on TV.

"For years now WWE programming has not featured violence between men and women," Rea said. "The WWE2K series is a reflection of the content you see on WWE programming and so this will not be changing, nor will the removal of censorship in regards to nudity (A Teen rating is what’s #BestforBusiness).

"In the future, let’s also try and keep discussions of what’s possible through console modifications to a minimum as it starts getting into a weird grey area that isn’t comfortable for a number of parties.”

WWE hasn't allowed males to fight females in the ring since 2008, when it first obliged to a PG rating. Save for a few features, the WWE games pretty much reflect what's happening in current WWE programming. The only exceptions are blood and chair shots to the head, two features that are still part of the video games.

There is mixed tag team wrestling matches; however, males can only fight males and females can only fight males. If a male fighter puts his hands on a female the match will result in instant disqualification.

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