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WWE '13 will feature new presentation and sound


WWE '13 will feature several enhancements and improvements when it lands on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii on October 30, announced THQ. Developer Yuke's Yokohama is reportedly working on a revamped version of Predator Technology which will allow the game to sport a snazzier presentation.

In addition to a more realistic look and vibe, WWE '13 is also expect to feature improved sound. It seems as though Yuke's is working on fixing the horrible sound we had to endure with past games regarding effects, commentary, voice acting, and crowd reactions. Thank goodness, because WWE games have had a stale sound design for a very long time.

Creation modes from previous games will return, and players will once again be able to build their own wrestlers from the ground up and share them online. Still no word on whether we'll be getting new match types or what improvements the actual game mechanics will receive.

There's also currently nothing new to report on the whole Attitude Era theme of the game. Kind of a shame, because WWE fans are itching to get some details on that aspect of WWE '13.


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