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WWE '13 launching October 30, will feature Attitude Era theme


Just a couple of days ago we reported that a trailer for WWE '13 was leaked onto the good ol' internet. Judging from that trailer, which has since been taken down, it seemed as though current WWE Champion and self-proclaimed best wrestler in the world CM Punk was set to be the face of the game. It would certainly be fitting, as Punk is a hell of a wrestler.

Earlier today on the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, General Manager and resident jerk John Laurinaitis revealed that WWE '13 would launch on October 30. He then went on to announce that he would be the poster boy for the game, which is something I don't think anyone wants.

That's when Punk hit the ring and revealed that he would be the one on the cover of WWE '13, following up his announcement with a huge banner of what the game's box art would actually look like (pictured above).

The cover looks pretty rad, and it's great to see the straight edge wrestler being appointed the face of WWE '13. Also, if you look closely, you'll spot a WWE Attitude logo, which indicates that the upcoming grappler will feature an Attitude Era theme. That should get plenty of wrestling fans stoked. I'm more of a 2002 - 2006 era guy myself, but the Attitude Era was certainly iconic and awesome.

I look forward to seeing what kind of single-player mode WWE '13 will feature. Could it be the Attitude Era's top draws facing off against the current crop of talented wrestlers? Will guys such as Mankind and Eddie Guerrero battle it out with the likes of Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan? Or maybe, just maybe, will we get the beer drinkin', mud hole stompin' Stone Cold Steve Austin facing off against the drug-free and alcohol free CM Punk?

To quote the WWE Champ: "It's clobberin' time!"

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