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WWE '12 ships 2.2 million, THQ says rebranding was successful


Despite the fact that THQ is in a financial slump, it has managed to gain some nice revenue from different ventures. The first is Saints Row, which managed to ship 11 million units worldwide as a whole.

Now, it looks like THQ's decision to rebrand the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series of wrestling games has paid off. The latest entry in the franchise, WWE '12, has shipped 2.2 million units since its November launch. "The successful rebranding of this annual franchise has led to higher sell-through to date, which is up approximately 20 percent on like-for-like platforms in North America versus the year-ago title," revealed the company in its earnings report.

While I'll be the first to admit that WWE '12 doesn't really have strong single-player or online components, it truly shines in the local multiplayer department. The game's controls and gameplay are great, and if you have a group of buddies to play some matches with, this grappler is truly worthwhile. Hell, I liked the game so much that I awarded it an 8/10 score in my review here on GameZone.


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