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Writer Rhianna Pratchett wasn't asked to return for Mirror's Edge reboot

Mirror's Edge

Electronic Arts hasn't asked co-story designer and writer Rhianna Pratchett to return for Mirror's Edge 2, a reboot of the parkour-inspired game that debuted on consoles in 2008.

Pratchett might be perfect for the reboot as she's coming off her success with another, last year's relaunching of Tomb Raider. But disappointment with the original Mirror's Edge's story, which she admits "didn't review that great," is probably what's preventing her involvement now.

"The previous game was hampered by narrative coming in too late, which meant it needed to be retrofitted around existing levels, mechanics, and other assets," she told Joystiq. "It's not uncommon for games writers to be brought in late, but it severely limits the kind of story that they can create. I think Mirror's Edge was a big learning experience for everyone involved in terms of the importance of thinking about narrative early on."

Pratchett also wrote a Mirror's Edge prequel mini-series for DC Comics, in which she had "a bit more freedom" creatively.

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