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Wrestling Fans, Are You Getting WWE '12 Tomorrow?


WWE '12 is out tomorrow, folks. THQ's revamp of the former SmackDown vs. Raw series will make its debut. Will you be rushing to retailers to grab your copy of the game? I know I will. Actually, no, I don't know if I will.

WWE '12 is set to feature new physics, new controls, and new features. The game will revert to some older mechanics (breaking moves, ditching animations for moves like the People's Elbow and Five Knuckle Shuffle), which is something I'm actually looking forward to. Day of Reckoning is one of the best wrestling games I've ever played, and the fact that I could break opponents' attacks mid-move was always something I appreciated. I'm glad to see WWE '12 going back to basics in some manner.

That said, Day of Reckoning and SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain (another favorite of mine) were two incredibly fast-paced grapplers, and judging from the footage I've seen, WWE '12 doesn't look particularly speedy. It's a bit of a shame, too, because a fast-paced wrestling game usually makes for more hectic, upredictable (in a good way) experiences.

WWE '12 will hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii tomorrow. I've got my copy preordered, but I don't really know if I'll be rushing out to get it. After all, I've got Saints Row: The Third and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword keeping my busy right now, and in my opinion, those two games are far more deserving of my attention than WWE '12, which is the newest entry in a long list of wrestling games, most of which have largely disappointed me. I guess I'll make my decision on a whim tomorrow morning.

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