Wrestler Pitches Perfect MLB Game, Doesn't Win the Cash

MLB 2K11 Screenshot - 827127

Take-Two's annual "win a lot of money by pitching a perfect game" draws a lot of entrants to their MLB 2K series. This year is no different, and considering the minimum age has been dropped to 13, the chances of winning are slimmer than ever.

But you've got to feel for 22-time WWE Hardcore champion Stevie Richard (known outside of the squared circle as Michael Manna). He uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing his perfect pitch in MLB 2K11, which is technically worth a million dollars. The only thing is, unlike previous competitions that kicked off on release, this year's contest doesn't start until April 1—so his entry is void.

At least he's done it. Now it's back to the grind for Baron Von Stevie as April 1 nears.


Stuart Macdonald
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