World of Warcraft: Now With More Kinect

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Do you or some you know have a World of Warcraft addiction? Are you starting to look and/or smell like that guy from South Park? The creative minds at the University of Southern California have come up with a Kinect/WoW hybrid that will get you up and on your little Worgen paws:

"Researchers at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies have developed software that enables control of PC video games using the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Their toolkit, known as the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), emulates custom-configured keyboard controls triggered by body posture and specific gestures. This video shows a user playing the online game World of Warcraft using the Kinect. Potential applications of this technology include video games for motor rehabilitation after stroke and reducing childhood obesity through healthy gaming."


William Haley
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