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World's new best Spelunky player scores over 3 million points


One gamer has set a new record in Spelunky that puts the top leaderboard score in the 3-million range.

"Bananasaurus_Rex" has just finished a recorded game (available to watch on Twitch) of Spelunky that got him an end total of $3,105,850 — a nice step above the previous best score of $2,980,000, which was set by fellow player "DaChosenUno." It took Bananasaurus_Rex seven and a half hours to complete the new record.

Bananasaurus_Rex is a highly versatile Spelunky player. He not only has the current highest score but also earned some previous attention for being the first player to kill the dreaded ghost, which hunts down players and has 9,999 hit points.

He was also the first player to record a successful solo eggplant run. The eggplant is key to defeating the game's secret final boss — after you manage to carry it all the way to the very end, that is.

Via: Eurogamer

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