World of Warcraft Responsible for Activision Stock Drop

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Back in 2008, Activision and Blizzard merged into an unstoppable gaming juggernaut, one which controls some of the biggest IPs in the world. However, the two companies also opened themselves up to the risk that one of these IPs would falter, and it seems that Activision's stock is taking a tumble now that World of Warcraft no longer dominates the MMO market.

Though WoW is still the biggest MMO out there, the competition has definitely been heating up, with most MMOs making the move to a free-to-play model, and heavy hitters like Firefall and Star Wars: The Old Republic on the way. 1.1. million subscribers have left the game since March, and though that still leaves WoW with over 10 million players, the decline in users doesn't seem to be slowing.

Despite this hit, it seems as though the huge numbers being put up by Call of Duty and the impending release of Diablo III could cause them to bounce back. Not to mention the recently-announced WoW expansion Mists of Pandaria. This might be a good time for those budding day-traders out there to snap up some Activision stock on the cheap, though only time will tell.

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