World of Warcraft patch 4.3.4 includes Customer Support changes

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Upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.4 will include a few changes to the game's Customer Support system.

"We are implementing brand new interfaces to report harassment, naming violations, and potential cheating.  By building these reporting methods directly into the game client, you can automatically gather information on who you are reporting and what you're reporting them for," Blizzard noted. "In addition, we've also added options to report bugs and submit suggestions for World of Warcraft."

There are now two ways to report a player using foul language, cheating, or violating World of Warcraft's chat policies: right-click on their name in chat and select 'Report Player For', or right-click their character portrait and select 'Report Player'.

Players will also be able to submit a bug or suggestion directly through the Customer Support window.  Now, in the Customer Support interface, you will see both buttons available.

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