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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition patch available; servers still down


Title Update 16 for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is officially available for download; however, servers remain down for maintenance. As a result, you will be unable to connect to the game. According to an update from developer Wargaming, the servers are expected to be back up at 11:00am PST (2:00pm EST).

As for the actual update, it's a lengthy one. Here are the patch notes:

  • Fixed the store sync login issues for players who are unable to login
  • Fixed the ammo auto-resupply issue where currency switches to Gold after purchase
  • Premium time is now displayed properly.
  • Tank icons are now consistent in the Tech Tree / Package View
  • Top bar voice chat indicator no longer becomes stuck on
  • Platoon Mode no longer breaks button functionality in Tank Grid after bringing up Start menu.
  • Fixed the unresponsive state when selling tanks
  • Tanks no longer loading as destroyed model in garage
  • Research Dialog box now states Free Experience when user has enough Tank Experience
  • Tech Tree now  immediately reflects updated stats when purchasing packages
  • Mastery Badge Level 3 icon appears on correct tanks
  • There is now an itemized breakdown in the Post Battle Results screen for Credit and XP accrual
  • Options/Quit buttons in start menu are displaying correctly
  • Currency type for buying Premium Shells now stays selected
  • Platoon/Invite Friends button no longer visible in the Options menu
  • Fire audio no longer loops after death
  • Consumable prices reset correctly using the [X] button
  • Selling a tank with complex equipment now displays correct amount
  • Garage audio and music now mute while video is playing
  • Previews of Camos, Inscriptions and Emblems are now functioning on tank models
  • Destroyed tanks in the Tank Reel now display the correct tank model
  • Minimap displays correct icons for each battle mode
  • The medal icons for Invincible and Survivor now display correctly
  • Fixed error when buying a premium tank and pulling storage device
  • Header no longer overlaps Platoon overlay after user joins queue and returns to Garage
  • Tech Tree now displays correct flags behind each nation
  • Videos now size properly to fit in the white border when calibrated
  • Next Battle button is no longer missing if tank is destroyed, yet has enough credits to repair
  • [X] button on battle awards screen now appears for each tier
  • Switching rapidly between players while spectating no longer results in a stall
  • When going back to the garage the tank the player last used is now the default tank selected
  • Shell cost is displaying correctly if you attempt to exchange reserve shells
  • Tank names now display correctly during research
  • Fixed error messaging that asked players to purchase a tank twice
  • The Help Overlay text is no longer truncated in several languages
  • The game no longer crashes when signing out of a profile while "Logging In" to the garage
  • Alternately pressing the [LT] and [RT] buttons quickly no longer causes a softlock
  • The ticker in the top of the Garage displays correctly
  • The game displays correct error message when locally disconnected after the News screen.
  • Negative credits text is displaying correctly on battle report
  • The (Current) tag now functions properly in the Equipment screen
  • Backing out of the purchasing shells dialog no longer displays the cost of one shell
  • Battle tutorial reward for completion is now awarded correctly
  • Consumables are now able to be bought with appropriate currency
  • Packages in Specials Tab now indicate that the crew will be 100% trained.
  • Consumables can now be edited correctly
  • The "Get Gold" purchase options are now displaying correctly
  • Premium time packages now reflect dynamic promotional costs
  • Promotional daily win XP bonus now dynamic on battle results screen
  • Tanks display correct unlock status in Tech Tree
  • Disconnection during match no longer causes error message when trying to reconnect to game
  • Moving the [LS] and pressing [Y] while viewing tutorial videos no longer causes an unresponsive state
  • Equipment for tier 3 and 5 tanks are now displaying correct silver costs
  • Button legends are no longer cut-off due to screen calibration settings
  • All gamertags in post battle results display correctly if user changes servers before tank returns from battle

As always, we'll be sure to keep you updated should anything change with the game's servers.

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