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World of Goo Hits Android Devices


World of Goo has slimed its way onto the Android Market. The popular physics-based puzzler has been available for quite some time now on plenty of platforms, but it just made the jump to Android devices today. It should go without saying that if you own an Android device and have yet to play World of Goo, you should definitely be interested.

Both the demo and the full version of the game are currently available. According to IndieGames, however, individuals should test out the demo first as the game runs much better on Android 2.2 devices. Oh, and if you intend on playing it on a tablet device, you're in the clear. It's just mobile phone users who should be sure their devices can handle the game.

World of Goo has won several awards, and it's pretty much the consensus that this game rocks. Whether you've played it on WiiWare, Steam, or iOS platforms, chances are you've enjoyed the heck out of this indie title. If you've been waiting for an Android version, though, now's your chance.

You can currently snag World of Goo on Android for $2.99. This deal, however, will only last until December 5. Be sure to grab this downloadable title ASAP if you're in the market for a great game. And hey, I'm certain you're always in the market for a great game, right?

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