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Wonder Woman: Main villain has been confirmed with new images

Princess vs. a God

Wonder Woman is the next film in the DC universe to release this June, and a new report has confirmed just who the Amazonian princess will be squaring up against.

French magazine Studio Ciné Live did a feature on the upcoming film which revealed the information. Translated by Les Toiles Heroiques, we have the official breakdown of Diana's nemesis. 

“Behind these scientific formulas, there is a deadly gas that could well annihilate humanity. Now, it turns out that this is precisely the goal of Ares, the god of war. He is jealous of humanity, which is a creation of his father, the deceased Zeus (he was killed by Ares when he rebelled against him, with the help of the Amazons)…”

Chris Pine also spoke with publication and gave a little bit more info on his character. In the trailers, we see Pine washed up on a beach when first found by Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. The reason he was there has been undetailed initially, but now we know why. Pine noted that

"I play a pilot Who works for the Allies and spies on the Germans without Their knowledge. My character steals a notebook filled with scientific formulas in an Ottoman base, he steals a plane but is shot down in the open sea. " 

The inclusion of Ares isn't totally unexpected, but it wasn't evident in any of the trailers so far. Set during World War I, it will be interesting to see how Warner and DC integrate the God of War himself into the era. Wonder Woman is set to release June 2nd, 2017 and is the first official standalone film in DC's new cinematic universe. Justice League is the next film set to release this November. 

We also are privy to three new images compliments of the magazine's feature that you can see below.




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