Wizorb developer working on Mercenary Kings next

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Canadian developer Tribute Games — creator of Wizorb for PC, Mac, and XBLIG — is working on a run-and-gun shooter called Mercenary Kings.

Designer and studio founder Jonathan Lavigne and animator Paul Robertson, who helped make Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, are involved with the upcoming title, which Lavigne said will hit PC in 2013 and will "probably" come to Xbox 360. The developer is considering other platforms, such as PS3 and Vita.

"The missions of the game will make the story progress and will allow players to gather materials to craft weapon parts," Lavigne told Polygon in an email. "The player can then build a weapon that fits his play style and/or the situation met in his next mission (in a similar fashion to Monster Hunter)."

The game is currently in an early prototype stage and may feature a cooperative multiplayer element later on, although that's subject to change.

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