Wizorb available as PlayStation mini on Tuesday

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Tribute Games and Beatshapers are bringing the block-breaking action game Wizorb to the PlayStation Store this Tuesday, July 24, as a PS mini for PS3, PSP, and Vita.

Players assume the role of Cyrus, a wizard versed in the secret art of Wizorb. In the Kingdom of Gorudo, players must help citizens rebuild their homes by earning money and completing levels. Wizorb contains touches of classic RPGs, like exploring towns and talking to NPCs who might just reward you with items for your trouble.

Gameplay involves using a ball and paddle to break bricks and casting different spells to alter the action. The game also boasts character animation by Paul Robertson (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game).

Wizorb will cost $3.99, featuring over 60 levels in five worlds. It includes boss fights, multiple endings, and bonus levels.

Canadian developer Tribute Games is currently working on its next game, a run-and-gun shooter called Mercenary Kings.

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