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Witness the power of EverQuest Next Landmark's world building


EverQuest Next was SOE's huge unveiling this month, captivating players with a whole new art-style, new gameplay elements and even adding a bit of Minecraft-esque building to the mix.

EverQuest Next Landmark will be a companion piece to the base game, and will allow players to shape landscapes and build towering structures, shaping them to the most minute details. The most popular and best looking structures will then make their way to the base game, incorporated into the map.

The latest three videos from EQNL showcase some truly impressive building mechanics, albeit, timelapsed for your viewing convenience, since I'm sure this type of building takes a good amount of time.

Still, it looks damn amazing, especially when you compare the beginning of each video to the end, just how different each environment becomes. What sets this apart as well are the minute details you can make on your structures, making them uniquely shaped, which means that essentially no two structures would ever have to look the same. In any case, feast your eyes on the videos below, and lookout for EverQuest Next Landmark to hit beta before the end of the year.

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