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With your Mass Effect 3 ‘Extended Cut’ DLC, you snaked some future DLC


It’s not as sneaky as day one DLC, but BioWare added some hidden data into the free ‘Extended Cut’ DLC yesterday for Mass Effect 3.  It’s rumored that this data will be part of yet another DLC revolving around a Reaper named “Leviathan.”  

Historically found in mythology, the Leviathan is a giant sea serpent that preys on the seafaring types.  The name is also often used to describe one of the seven princes of hell (sevens mortal sins), representing Envy.  As envy, Leviathan also watches over the gates of Hell themself.

I strongly believe that BioWare named this Reaper intentionally.  Will he hold a gate / portal?  Will he be envious of humanity enough to betray his own kin?  Or will he simply be serpent like in appearance?  I’m quite curious to see what the significance of his name will be.   


During this DLC, Shepard will be sent on a rescue mission to extract a scientist named Ann Brynson.  The mining colony she is on has been indoctrinated by Leviathan for a decade now.  Apparently, Leviathan is a turn coat for the Reapers.  During this mission you are rumored to be able to add Leviathan as a war effort in helping combat his former allies.   

Via Twitter, ME3’s producer Mike Gamble announced:

Gamble on ME3

 More about this DLC is assumed to be talked about July 12th-15th during the San Diego Comic-Con.  Here’s hopping.


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