Winter is coming with League of Legends’ new Sejuani rework and champion spotlight

League of Legends Screenshot - 1145513

Much like Trundle’s rework, Sejuani got put on the rack for change in League of Legends. While I’ve always been a fan of her kit, it just didn’t work consistently. With a few tweaks to her old kit, the new and improved Sejuani is here with a makeover as well. She’s still a jungle character that can charge over terrain on her trusty boar. The big difference is her passive. Instead of slowing those she hits she now becomes temporally more durable with each auto attack allowing her to fulfill a more tanky roll.

I’m personally excited to try out her new kit for she was one of the first characters I learned to jungle with (jungle is my weakest position). Watch the video below and let’s hope Sejuani becomes more viable in ranked play!


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