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Windows 8 knows gamers like achievements


Whether you are at home, at work, at school, in the library… wherever there is a PC, you know that certain Windows games will be on it.  You got your Minesweeper, your Solitaire, and often your Mahjong as well.  It’s standard and it’s what we’ve come to expect.

While Windows 8 will have these games, there will also be an additional layer to these classics.  Since gamers obsess over achievements and Microsoft makes both Windows and Xbox - then why not add achievements to all the things?  Well they are.  This is “Xbox Windows.”  Those games you’ve played a million times in the past will now have achievements attached to them in Windows 8. 

Xbox Live, Windows 8, and the new SmartGlass system will be fully integrated to see that your Gamerscore gets as high as possible.  Minesweeper has four achievements worth 50 Gamerscore, Solitaire Collection’s has three achievements worth 40 Gamerscore, and Mahjong has three achievements worth 25 Gamerscore.       

I see nothing wrong with this.  I have a feeling that most people won’t really care about this feature but at the same time it won’t affect them.  Those who think this is neat will achievement hunt in a place they never thought they would – Solitaire.


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