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Win yourself in-game content for Star Trek Online, brought to you by Raptr


Do you enjoy long flights through space and long walks on foreign planets at sunset? Well, we can't give you that. What we do offer is a chance to get in on Raptr's giveaway for some pretty neat in-game content for Star Trek Online.

If you haven't played Star Trek Online, it's time you should. Star Trek is both an MMO and free to play, win-win situation here. If you already play Star Trek Online then you are already aware of how awesome it is (and how much more awesome free content for it is).

Raptr has gifted us with 8 codes to give away to all the Star Trek lovers out there. To get in on this contest all you have to do is comment on this article and you are golden. 

What do you stand to win? Well, here's what's up for grabs:

The Holodeck Bundle:

  • Consumable item that grants 2,500 EXP
  • Pack of 5000 Raw Dilithium
  • Random Rare ‘Purple’ tiered weapon (space or ground)
  • Pack of random ‘self’ dual consumables
  • Pack of random ‘team’ dual consumables

or this little pet named Gumato:


The Holodeck Bundle is available to anyone ranked Noob or higher on Star Trek Online, while Gumato is only available to anyone ranked experienced or higher (better start getting ranked up).

If you win a code redeem it here.

Don't miss your chance! Comment now!

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