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Will Xbox One be Microsoft's last console?

Xbox One console

With Microsoft's investment in bolstering Xbox LIVE, cloud-computer, and cloud-based streaming (Sony as well), there are many who believe that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could be the last console generation released. With supercomputers performing many of the actions previously done on your machine locally, the need for a new console seems less imperative. Just looking at Sony's newly revealed PlayStation Now service, you can begin to see a future where games are streamed directly to your display device, no console needed.

Everyone's vision of the future is different, but Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer doesn't believe we've seen the last consoles release -- at least, not when it comes to Xbox. When asked if Xbox One will be the last console released by Microsoft, Spencer replied "I don't. I think local computer will be important for a long time."

"You can look at mobile, connected to faster networks, more cloud services but local power still increases each gen," he added. "Bandwidth caps clearly an issue, still believe [hardware and software engineers] working together will find local [hardware] scenarios critical."

Tech companies like Microsoft and Sony are already looking toward the future. I have no doubt that they are already planning for the next few years, but the Xbox One just released. Technology changes all the time, plans shift; but, I have a hard time believing Microsoft and Sony aren't already looking ahead to 2018, or 2019. Whether or not that future includes new consoles is the mystery. But I'd say Spencer is a pretty good source for what Microsoft is thinking.


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