Will Smith is going to be in a Cain and Abel movie with vampires... I sh*t you not

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Remember when someone thought Abraham Lincoln + vampires = a good idea? And then it didn't? Yea, well, Hollywood doesn't learn from its mistakes. Instead, they attach a bigger name to it and try again. So it comes as no surprise that they're trying the whole "insert vampires into history/religion/literature" thing. If it wasn't vampires it would've been zombies...

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. The Wrap has reported that Sony is moving forward with The Redemption of Cain, a movie starring Will Smith that is an interpretation and epic retelling of the Biblical tale of Cain and Abel, and it has a vampiric twist because why the f*ck not.

The film will begin production in July of 2013, being shot in London and Jordan, with exteriors in Morocco. Oh joy. That's really all I have to say about this. Not excited at all. Doesn't need to be made. Stop this and just continue the I Am Legend prequel. Bye.

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[Source: The Wrap]

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