WildStar teases six weeks of six classes as part of the Ultra Drop

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You’re asking yourself, what is the WildStar Classes Ultra Drop? It’s a fair question, I’ll give you credit for being curious about such things. The abridged version of the answer is that you’re going to receive a video/information about one class every week for six weeks. I suppose it really wasn’t that complicated, but there is more! The Ultra Drop will include:

  • Detailed information on each of the WildStar classes
  • DevSpeaks
  • Livestreams
  • Reveals
  • A new cinematic
  • And more

I suppose I should also mention that a new beta is going down this December. So if you do the math, there is only one more day in October, then the whole month of November, and BOOM – December. So all of you biting off your nails waiting to play this beta, your time in the sun is soon. Check out the video below and sign up for beta if somehow you haven’t yet.

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