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WildStar shows off their nuclear powered, Swiss Army Knife, attached to a wrestler class: the warrior


I know what you’re thinking, it’s a warrior. It’s going to be the same generic warrior that is the core of every MMOROG ever created. If that’s the case, WildStar would be disappointed in you; for shame. In the newest DevSpeak video, WildStar rightfully describes the their warrior class as a “their nuclear powered, Swiss Army Knife, attached to a wrestler.” That translates into a single word, “awesome.”

The warrior can tank, lay down the dps, pull, taunt, AoE, and be a general menace. With WildStar’s customization, you play the warrior the way you want. If being a meat shield is your thing, you do that. If you’d rather be a meat grinder, I won’t stop you. If you’d rather be a meat… umm… shield/grinder combo… well, you know.

Watch the video below and get ready for next week’s class spotlight. Meat. 

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