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WildStar's second content drop will be PvP-focused


WildStar's upcoming Strain Ultradrop has something for just about every player. It's got new zones, new backstory, new housing decor, and all sorts of new enemies and bosses to challenge you. But despite the massive amounts of content it will offer players, it's missing one thing: new PvP content. Don't worry, that's coming too -- just not yet.

Though it was briefly touched upon in today's Strain DevSpeak, we recently spoke with Carbine Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney about the future of WildStar's PvP.

"There's two battlegrounds right now. We have another new battleground, with a new mechanic, that's going live in Drop Two. [Strain] is Drop One. This is an Ultradrop," he explained. "So multiple zones, housing stuff, all that."

"Drop Two will be PvP-focused," he said. "And then Drop Three and onward -- most of those are solo focused because those are the people who consume content the fastest."

Though the thought of new battlegrounds may sound appealing to PvP aficionados, Gaffney warned of the dangers of fragmenting the player base. "The more PvP maps, the more you fragment your PvP player base," he added. "So you've got to be kind of cautious about it. You've got to worry whenever you fractionalize your PvP."

Obviously new maps and mechanics are nice, but if there are separate queues for each one then that will make the wait time go up. And nobody likes that. But hey, that's probably at least a month away. For now, our attention is on the Strain.

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