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WildStar’s new Strain content gonna set it straight this Watergate (ahh)

Listen all yall, there is a new video about the Strain patch coming to WildStar. Why? Because the crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear. Now that WildStar has been launched for a month, dare I say it’s time for some brand new spanking content? It is. You’ve been neck deep in leveling, housing, PvP… but the gamer in you is crying out for you. The Devs were listening.

As per ususal, the Strain patch isn’t just for that one type of player – it’s a bit of everything for everyone (except you PVPers, your patch is next, be patient). So yea, you want lore – there is lore. Want loot, dungeons, housing items… it’s ALL there. All you have to do is play and this patch will fall from the sky (internet) and land right into your lap (computer) for your pure unsaturated enjoyment (that).

Strain “Ultra Drop” will be here later this week for all of us to get our hands dirty. Also, a new battleground is coming. Oh yea, and Northern Wastes and Blighthaven are getting new content for your savages at level cap already. You lucky dogs. I’ll tell you now, I keep it on and on    

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