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WildStar release date is June 3rd, pre-order details announced

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WildStar, the sci-fi, over-the-top MMORPG from Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT, has a release date. WildStar will launch on June 3, 2014 on PC with two versions of the game available.

The Standard version of WildStar will retail for $60. It includes 30 days of play time, three seven-day guest passes, and Eldan-themed housing.

The Digital Deluxe version of WildStar will cost $75. In addition to what's included in the Standard version, players with the Digital Deluxe version will also receive an Eldan hoverboard mount with full customization, costume augmentation, an exclusive dye (gold/green), and an Eldan player title.

Physical copies of WildStar will not be available in the United States, but Europe will have a limited amount.

You can pre-order WildStar starting March 19th. Players that pre-order the game will receive (scroll down for pictures):

  • beta access (if you're already in the beta, you can continue to play with the characters at their current levels)

  • a rocket house

  • three-day head start before launch

  • 10-slot storage bag

  • mini-ship housing decoration, granting the player additional rest xp

  • pre-register player names and guild names (more details coming later)

As a reminder, WildStar is subscription-based. The boxed copy, as stated, will cost either $60 or $75, with the subscription costing $15 a month. An alternative to buying game time is purchasing CREDD with in-game gold. If you play a lot and earn enough gold, you can buy game time in the form of CREDD – a form of currency bought for $20 that's used to trade for gold. It's a way to help players purchase gold in-game, as well as game time. CREDD value will be determined by the players based on each server's demand. It's a free market that the players dictate.

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