WildStar officially launches

WildStar Screenshot - wildstar

WildStar. Has. Launched. Today is June 3rd -- the official release of Carbine Studios' new MMORPG. 

It's exciting. This is the first MMORPG that has really captivated me like this since vanilla World of Warcraft. It's the complete package of housing, PvE, PvP, and story -- and the combat is wicked awesome.

Stay tuned later today for the first part of my Review In Progress. It will cover the headstart, the first 18 levels, and explore the different systems of the game I've been able to experience. No need to rush a full review out!

If you're on Stormtalon, feel free to group up with me. My character's name is Adonnis.

See you on Nexus!

WildStar spellslinger

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