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WildStar offering free realm transfers

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Since the beginning of the headstart of WildStar, which began three days ago, players have been calling for more realms and free realm transfers. There's been some pretty long queues, and a lot of players would like to transfer off of their current, high-population server to a low-pop server with all of their friends.

Well, as always with Carbine Studios, the devs are listening. 

Yesterday, Carbine Studios announced the following free realm transfers:

North America

  • Pergo to Rowsdower
  • Pago to Rowsdower
  • Widow to Rowsdower
  • Stormtalon to Mikros
  • Caretaker to Orias


  • Hazak to Contagion
  • Hazak to Gaius
  • Hazak to Deadstar
  • Progenitor to Deadstar
  • Treespeaker to Gaius
  • Ascendancy to Archon

Here's some details on the realm transfers... it can only be enacted from the character select screen.

  • You can move any number of characters you want as many times as you want, but each character can only be moved once every 22 hours.
  • You cannot have pending mail, auctions, commodity orders, or CREDD orders
  • You cannot be a member of a circle, Arena Team, Warparty, or a Guild
  • You cannot be in a circle, Arena Team, Warparty, or Guild leader

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