WildStar login issues reportedly fixed

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The login errors plaguing WildStar's head star has been fixed, according to developer Carbine Studios. Taking to Twitter today, Carbine said they are seeing "no issues with logins for NA or EU now."

If you are having problems or getting the error saying "cannot connect to NCSOFT login services," then Carbine says you may be having an issue with a locked port. First, they say to make sure you are using your full email address as your username when logging in. If that doesn't work, then "the most common cause of this issue is simply having a block port due to a firewall, security software or lack of router based port-forwarding." They urge anyone experiencing troubles to visit this website.

WildStar doesn't "officially" launch until Tuesday, June 3. However, the servers opened early on Saturday to give those who pre-ordered the MMORPG a three day head start. Unfortunately, the game was hit by a DDOS attack at launch. Additionally, the high demand has led to full realms and login queues for many players. It's unclear if Carbine's tweet also refers to the login delays, but we've asked for clarification.

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