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WildStar is no longer releasing monthly updates

Wildstar is no longer releasing monthly updates

Despite wanting to release updates once a month after its launch, the developers of WildStar have concluded that such a pace just isn't possible. Instead, they'll focus on releasing updates every couple of months.

Senior Game Designer Megan Starks had the following to say regarding the decision:

Originally our idea was to have a really aggressive post-launch schedule, just constantly provide stuff for our players so that there's always things for you to do. Now that we've put out two of our updates, our schedule is still planned out. [...] We decided to work on [the upcoming patch Defile] until it's a really good quality state. We do know that we want it to come out in the next few months. Instead of saying that we have this hard deadline, that it's going out no matter what, we're going to take the time to make sure that the quality is there."

It's become quality over quantity with WildStar. That's never a bad thing, but let's hope that they avoid the year-plus long drought that World of Warcraft is suffering between content updates.


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