WildStar DevSpeak shows off PvP Arenas and Battlegrounds

WildStar Screenshot - wildstar dev speak pvp

Carbine Studios just released another one of their DevSpeak videos -- humorous videos that introduce players to the mechanics of WildStar, their upcoming sci-fi MMORPG. The new DevSpeak shows two of the biggest PvP experiences in WildStar -- Arenas and Battlegrounds.

PvP in WildStar is all about skill and fast-paced, reactive gameplay. Arenas and Battlegrounds can be Open and Rated. Open Arenas open up to players at level 30, and Rated Arenas start at level 50. Likewise, Open Battlegrounds start at level 6, while Rated Battlegrounds start at level 50. Rated are for the more competitive players, complete with an ELO rating system and an alternative gear reward system to PvE players. Open versions of Arenas and Battlegrounds are for more casual players. Also, up until level 50, players' levels and gear stats will be normalized so matches are balanced and come down to player skill.

For more on WildStar PvP info, check out our article on PvP End-game, Battlegrounds, Arenas and Warplots; or you can check out gameplay video of Warplots and the Walatiki Temple battleground

WildStar‚Äč is available for pre-order now, and releases on June 3rd. 

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