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Wild ARMs XF Official Site Launched

February 5, 2008

Wild ARMs XF Official Site Launched

The official WILD ARMS XF website has just launched at

Wild ARMs XF (pronounced "Crossfire") is the latest installment in the ongoing series and the first time a Wild ARMs game has appeared on a handheld console.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Wild ARMs XF is a strategy role-playing game that uses a hex-based grid system that allows for more intuitive strategies than most current SRPGs. So for the true SRPG fans out there, this will bring quite a challenge to you.

In addition, there are a large number of job classes that allows for almost unlimited character customization.

Come find out more about the story, the characters, the gameplay and more!

Wild ARMs XF is schedule to be released in March 2008.

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