Wii U: The Future is Here

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I'm a Microsoft guy. The Wii never really appealed to me. Yet here we are, a few hours after Nintendo announced their new console, Wii U, and I'm nothing but impressed. Nintendo blew me away and left me wanting a Wii U more than anything else. Here are a few pictures of the Wii U to whet your appetite.

The Wii U control is usable as a tablet. As you can see in this picture, you can use it to draw and color, which you can also see on your television.

It will also let you have two different perspectives when playing a game. In the above picture, you place the controller on the ground, and you can see the golf ball below you. You then swing, and the ball travels from the Wii U to the TV in front of you.

A front-facing camera that allows you to video chat, two analog sticks, four shoulder buttons, four face buttons, and a beautiful 6.2 inch touchscreen are featured.

There's your first look at the Wii U. Keep checking back for more updates.

Lance Liebl Gamer, Disney enthusiast, opinionated sports fan, movie buff, and a father of two. You can follow Lance on Twitter @Lance_GZ.
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