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Wii Successor Won't Be 3D


Having just recently announced the impressive sales of the 3DS, Nintendo has seemingly revealed that their next home console isn't likely to support 3D. Nintendo is trying to avoid the use of glasses when playing 3D games. With the 3DS, players can focus on the screen and achieve the desired effect. For multiple players to enjoy 3D gaming on a major home platform, however, the experience would require the use of glasses or goggles.

According to Hideki Konno, project lead for the 3DS, Nintendo's aim with the new dual screen handheld was to offer stereoscopic 3D visuals without having to resort to anything other than the user's eyes. Naturally, the company opted for the portable route with this concept. "I think at Nintendo, we realize that any sort of goggle-type 3D technology was not going to work," mentioned Konno in a statement to CNN. "In order to make 3D technology viable with video games, we thought we needed to have glasses-free 3D."

Reggie Fils-Aime supported Konno by saying that Nintendo has learned a lot about 3D over the past several years and that a home console with 3D functionality wouldn't be likely. "Glasses-free is a big deal," stated Fils-Aime. "We've not said publicly what the next thing for us will be in the home console space, but based on what we've learned on 3D, likely, that won't be it."

Glasses-free 3D TVs are currently in the works, but it is still unknown how long it will take manufacturers to perfect that tech and what the pricing will be on these types of TVs. By providing a 3D handheld that works well without the use of glasses, Nintendo has achieved yet another level of innovation. After the DS, Wii, and 3DS, can the company go back to basics and deliver a console more on par with Microsoft and Sony, which offer HD visuals and superb online functionality?

Innovation has become Nintendo's goal over the last several years. When Nintendo announces the successor to the Wii, rest assured gamers everywhere will be waiting to see what innovative features the console boasts. Just don't expect stereoscopic 3D to be one of them.

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