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Wii Priced at $170 at Best Buy


Electronics giant Best Buy has taken a sizable chunk off the Wii's price tag. Nintendo's current console, usually priced at $199.99, is currently available at the electronics retailer for $169.99. This notable $30 price cut is certainly enticing, especially for gamers who have been waiting for the cost to go down.

The offer is valid on white and black Wii models, both of which come bundled with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and a Wii Remote Plus. If you're into clutter, you can also pick up the original Wii MotionPlus bundle, which comes packaged with the two games and a Wii Remote along with a Wii MotionPlus peripheral. But that's just silly.

No word on how long this sale will be in effect or why Best Buy is offering the Wii at a reduced price. Hmm, the price cut may be directly linked to something we all heard about recently. Nah!

Gamers on various forums and comment boards have begun speculating, and they expect other retailers such as Amazon and Target to reduce the price of the Wii, as well. So far, Best Buy seems to be the only retailer offering a sale on Nintendo's current console.

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