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Wii U will have "modest" hardware sales, predicts analyst

The Wii U is certainly different.  Nintendo certainly does know how to be innovative with their consoles.  First, the Wii introduces a whole new style of gaming; now, the Wii U introduces an innovative, if not fascinating tablet controller.

But is Nintendo's effort to be "different" with the tablet controller only hurting them?  One analyst certainly thinks so.

In a IndustryGamers feature, video game analyst Michael Pachter thinks that limited third party support could lead to "modest hardware sales" for the WIi U.

"They appear to me to be confident that “if they build it, third parties will support it”, but I don’t think that is the case for Wii U," Pachter explained.

He continued, "By trying to be “different” with the tablet controller, they have complicated game design for developers, who can’t figure out if the Wii U will ultimately support only one or multiple controllers."

Pachter did admit that Nintendo succeeded in making the Wii U different, but in doing so assured themselves of "limited third party launch support, which ultimately will lead to modest hardware sales."

While the technology is cool, we've learned from past releases like the 3DS and currently the PS Vita that you need a strong launch lineup to really succeed out of the game.  It's not enough to say "We've got this feature".  Fans want games they will enjoy, and games that will get excited to play on this new piece of hardware.

Nobody wants to play a lame game, no matter how cool the technology is. This was proven by the slow 3DS launch sales.  Now they've got games like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 and the results have been awfully good for them.

The technology with the Wii U is amazing - especially with the possibility that the controller could function as a standalone tablet, but will it be enough to make people rush out and buy it?

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