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Wii U tablet's original design had traditional analog sticks

See that header image above? Of course you do! Well, that's an early concept design for the Wii U controller. It didn't look too different, but you may have noticed some minor alterations in the more recent revision.

For starters, a few buttons are in different locations on the tablet device. But more importantly, look at those analog sticks on the original design! Those aren't circle pads like we see on the 3DS or the current Wii U controller model. Those are traditional analog sticks.

You can check out some more diagrams of the Wii U controller's earlier design right next to the revised version on NeoGAF. It's pretty cool seeing the slight changes made to the conept. Even the protruding grips were different.

Personally, I kind of wish Nintendo would have stuck with analog sticks. Still, the company may change things up before the Wii U's launch and show off a newly designed controller with regular analogs instead of circle pads. We'll find out for sure in the coming months.

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